CCI focuses on the assembling, developing and mobilizing of a global contingent of Christ-following people helpers, including (but not limited to) those who work in counseling, psychology, psychiatry, social work, spiritual direction, pastoral care, marriage and family therapy, coaching, crisis intervention and the treatment of trauma and post-traumatic stress. Most often working together in teams and in partnerships with community leaders and workers, CCI seeks to bring spiritual and psychological care and counsel to people in need regardless of their skin color, ethnic background, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, political perspectives.

Mobilizing Students

Our goal is to support students who are interested in cross-cultural counseling throughout their course of study and in making the transition from school to international service. CCI will accomplish this goal by:

  • Conducting campus visits: CCI staff will be available to speak in chapel meetings, give presentations to classes, and meet with students who are interested in pursuing cross-cultural counseling.
  • Establishing Counseling as Mission (CAM) student groups: CAM groups will help connect current students to others at their own school and to connect groups of students at different campuses to share encouragement and resources. The first CAM group was started at Denver Seminary in January 2012 and currently has around 15 active members.
  • Mentoring and Guidance: Current students will be able to access advice on what classes to take, what books to read, and how to plan for getting involved in international missions. In addition to being able to ask current staff and recent graduates for individual consultation, the CAM website will also have a section of resources specifically created for students.
  • Connecting students to the world of global mental health: CCI will host biannual conferences geared at bringing students and recent graduates together with each other and leaders in mental health from around the world.
  • Facilitating short-term international trips and internships: Before committing to full-time international service, many students wish to participate in shorter trips of complete internships in other countries. CCI will work with students to understand their specific needs and guide them in choosing an immersion experience.
  • Brokering long-term placements: CCI will use its network of established connections and resources to help recent graduates who seek long-term positions with established international organizations.

Connecting Globally

By forming partnerships with individuals and organizations working in all areas of counseling as mission, CCI forges connections around the globe to strengthen existing ministries and aid new initiatives. Connecting globally includes:

Research & Training

CCI engages in international research projects to promote global mental health, and staff members are available to provide training in various capacities. Some of our projects include:

  • Investigating the Current State of Global Mental Health
  • Compiling Country Profiles
  • Leading International and Cross-cultural Tracks at Conferences
  • Training Professional and Lay Counselors
  • Providing Online Training and Consultation